Art of falsfying ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)

Tip by Prof. Salah Rashedy- UEARS 2018


[00:00:09] In a very important study which has been conducted in our final kind of a job that is the genre. About 14 years ago almost 100 clinical trial they found in 62 percent were biased. And shocked.


[00:00:25] I read this which is a variant put up on profits or a discount for what he’s saying is that since he’s one of the most highly cited the his social skills are it he said in that last post in published research findings are unfortunately falsified. Good. And. Two years ago he had been. I get that.


[00:00:48] Evidence based medicine was hijacked. OK. And the other is that the Earth does not open much of what we say is that much of the base expands.


[00:01:01] Is an annex to Las Vegas causing a lot of the finish solutions in order to overcome his problem.


[00:01:09] OK. Another visit is for us.


[00:01:14] Powerful what is the lecture hall called. He was the avatar of the one of the most impressive museums. John Allen wrote the one in The Lancet. He said is that much of the practice we suspect had half of it is completely unreliable. The say was by Marcia Angell the first woman which has been assigned as the editor of The New England Medical Journal. So what to do with this.


[00:01:38] Falsified claim really. Actually I don’t know if anybody can we need to know.


[00:01:45] But I have always tried to finish my presentation with this current one and a statement. If the ad shows. And to speak louder than the words and actions.


[00:01:56] Those rules why the words mean nothing. I thank you for.

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