Cloning: Reversing the time. A box of secrets

Video Transcript:


[00:00:08] And it Time went backward and it was really the very first time in biology that time would reverse.


[00:00:16] And this is sort of an amazing concept that the biological timer doesn’t only go in one way that there are ways of resetting it. And you know that induced blurry potency also resets it.


[00:00:30] There are some dramatic progress going forward in Japan in the U.K. in the U.S. on the eye. And for those of you that may not know your scientific history discoveries on how the eye works were made right here in the Arabic world the Greeks had a crazy idea about the eye. But the early scientists understood here in Persia and in fact one this is a bill from Iraq. And you can see that the concepts of how light focuses on the back of the eye are described here. This guy’s name was the camera and you may know that we use cameras still today. I want to talk about the I though in a cautionary way. And that is that there were some women in Miami who went for liposuction and.


[00:01:30] Their doctors who were very let’s say bold said look for an extra five thousand dollars all clear up any macular degeneration that you’ll be maybe having. I’m gonna take the mesenchymal stem cells and inject them into your eyes and they were so bold they used both eyes. Normally if you do something like this you use one eye to see if it works and then and then have the other. They used both eyes and in every woman. The mesenchymal stem cells differentiate it into cartilage and bone and muscle and contracted and in every case, they pulled the retina. Off of the back of the eye and left the women totally blind.

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