Does genitorinary infections affect your fertility potential?

Tip Told by Prof. Allan Pacey at UEARS 2018

Video Transcript: 


[00:00:11] So going back to. This may present itself in using the media as an example. This is a data series of 100 patients who came to Canada. These were men in their 30s apparently monogamous men trying for a baby with their partner. Can we screened all of them for chlamydia using a very sensitive quantitative PCR test? And what we found was really quite interesting in that men with chlamydia. And there was the 13. A series of 100 plus 13 percent. That’s rather high. That’s kind of consistent with teenage population growth. Population in their 30s. Now we see that the semen problem is generally higher probably as a consequence of the inflammatory reaction.


[00:00:56] Sperm concentration was lower possibly due to a disturbance at the stadium. But interestingly the sperm into the team was less.


[00:01:05] Than half. Very clearly as some our. Looking at what happens if you take sperm and you expose them to a million laboratory numbers for a number of years then.


[00:01:15] That if you would expose them to different Sera about your very own expert fertility declines progressively over the following hours. We think that’s mediated through the media back to the actually attaching to the underside of sperm triggering an eye-popping toxic reaction to the sperm. Leading to. Death. That was really quite a controversial proposal when we proposed it but there’s no good evidence from other groups come out once we get sperm by protesters. By the spirit into the bacteria. So.

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