How is monkey research more tightly regulated than human IVF? Q&A

Tip by Prof. Gerald Schatten at UEARS 2018

Video Transcript: 


[00:00:10] But just recently in the last month. Colleagues in China have succeeded in cloning monkeys. Now let me tell you that research on monkeys is more tightly regulated than human IVF.

It’s more expensive and it’s much more arduous and complicated. Monkeys won’t pee into a cup no matter what you ask them. They did get two monkeys but the success rate would discourage all of us from considering it. And you can see it here. That.

They tried both fetal cells and adult cells and with adult cells, they made 290 cloned embryos and had zero. Live births. Well, they didn’t have to lie births that died immediately at birth.

So, Your patients wouldn’t be happy with that. On the other hand, they were able to succeed with very low rates with fetal cells so using fetal cells they made 127 cloned embryos and had one point five percent live births or if you look at per embryo transfer. They had 2.5 percent of live births per embryo transfer.

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