Sperm meeting egg: the complete love story.

Tip Told by Prof. Christopher Barratt at UEARS 2018

Video Transcript:


[00:00:10] So the way that we go on this is to try and sort of understand how a sperm cell that tracks with a female lead time reproductive triumph particularly its women’s ability and how it gets to if you say comes from the trying to how it basically goes backward.


[00:00:25] However the top probably more by our sperm getting from point A to Point tomorrow morning. So go through that detail.


[00:00:33] Just talk about the more the physiology of how the sperm cell interacts with the trial and how we try and understanding particularly using for example the whole gestural way.


[00:00:43] So what we understand now is that a scrub cell doesn’t just move in one way it develops into many different types of movement patterns.


[00:00:52] It can move along like this. So it’s having quite a nice easy day. In this day it gets a little bit more excited in this party and it gets really exciting. So the way that I would describe this to the uninitiated would be this is like listening to some of classical music where you just sort of roll and save a bit of you know weird music.


[00:01:13] And this is a bit more where you get some more heavy metal or something like that’s really excited about rap music in the old days and then you get really excited. So just quickly with different ways that the question is what helps control this movement. So a number of different studies of different species looking at different amounts of shown quite clearly that the regulation of house life is important to them.


[00:01:38] So in theory if we can understand how that works maybe we can understand a bit more about a diagnosis and a bit more about the treatment. So for example is the public over show if you are on page housing near a sperm cell. That’s quite a bit more exciting. So the question is how does that work. And how can we use that.

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