How to have your baby genetically designed?

What Dr. Helen O'Neill has said at UEARS Conference 2018


Video Transcript: 


[00:00:09] Nonetheless. With all of these terminologies coming around about genome editing and potentially designer babies it’s important that we define the word edit. How am? I currently think it’s interesting that there are only two definitions. None of which are pertaining to biology in the dictionary. One is about vitamin material. The other is to be an editor of a newspaper or magazine. But I predict that in the coming months or years there will be a third added and that will be of biological or genetic origin. And if we look at the definition of editing itself. It is the process.


[00:00:50] Of selecting and preparing written visual audible and film media used to convey information. Now if we just take this.


[00:01:00] Term and the editors proceed to a biological one. Well actually. It works. Very very well to say editing is the process of selecting and preparing rather than written let’s say transcribe.


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