Research Quality and Integrity Group (RQIG)

UEARS “Upper Egypt Assisted Reproduction Summit” Conferences announce the establishment of the “Research Quality and Integrity Group (RQIG)” supervised directly by Professor Yacoub Khalaf and Professor Mohamed Bedaiwy.

Given the timely need for a professional and qualified group for research improvement in women’s health regionally and internationally, RQIG has been established to take part tackling improper or fraudulent conduct of research. As UEARS we believe that evidence-based practice is the only way forward to improve patient care. Therefore, generating this evidence properly needs honesty, creativity, and integrity of the underling research.

As one of UAERS’s responsibilities since its inception, UEARS-RQIG has invested to have the required tools as well as the supporting personal for this mission to run properly.
The team working in this mission includes experienced personal in research conduct, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, clinical consultants, and experts in trial designs. Dr Mohamed Fawzy serves as the coordinator between this group members in the hope of better research conduct regionally and internationally. The group has the required tool to test for violation from protocol, randomization and adherence to the standards, and to test for data fabrication and falsification. This group is established in the hope of higher quality research and data integrity. Members of RQIG believe that genuine errors are accepted, although it they must be reduced, while they abhor fraudulent research with no tolerance of fabrication or falsification. This group composed of 23 members serving its aim. RQIG sends an appeal for collaboration to whoever group takes the issue of fraudulent research conduct seriously.

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